“Royal” Hotel

“Royal” hotel was established in 2008 as Tsakhiur Tumur’s business branch. In 2017 it has grown operationally and became Tsakhiur Tumur’s branch company also as known as “Tsakhiur Tumur Service.”

Our hotel rooms are divided into 4 categories (ordinary 1 - bedroom, ordinary 2- bedroom, semi-deluxe, deluxe) total of 23 rooms which are available to receive guests, and each room has the following interiors to ensure the comfort of the guest.

It includes:

- 24-hour security

- Camera system to monitor the outdoor area and each floor corridor

- Cable TV

- High-speed internet

- Minibar

- Mini safe in each room

- Bed with Slimbergland, Sleepaway brand mattress which used in high-class international hotels

- Internal communication.

Additional services include outdoor parking, breakfast, reception, daily laundry and ironing, and a professional team of friendly staff to meet your every need for an enjoyable stay.  

The hotel is located in the Bayangol district, 4.5 km from the city center, 14 km from Chinggis Khaan International Airport, and 1.7 km from Ulaanbaatar Railway Station, Peace Avenue along the main road.


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