Tsakhiur Tumur Pharmaceutical Wholesale Supply Chain

“Tsakhiur Tumur” LLC has been successfully operating in the Mongolian pharmaceutical market for 18 years and had established 1 wholesale center in Ulaanbaatar city and 4 wholesale centers in countryside. We held our professional code of ethics to ensure wellbeing of our citizens, and provide safe and high quality products, and focus on high standard storage and distribution practices on a daily basis.

Drug registration in Mongolian market is an important process and we are proud to announce that we became the first company in Mongolia to import products with Mongolian labels and descriptions in order to promote the proper use of medicine to doctors, medical professionals and consumers. Currently, we have developed and expanded our business relationship with companies from all over the world, India, UK, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Bulgaria, and Poland. Our company provide medicines and medical devices that meet the requirements of international and WHO standards and carried out at our operation at a high level of quality without any violation of law. In recent years, the number of our customers has been constantly increasing and new customers are rapidly growing in every corner of the country, and this positive growth motivates us to accomplish more in the future.

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